Harley 1916 J – NOW SOLD


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This is a very rare 1916 Model J; the first year with the three speed transmission and step starter.  It was only the second year with the electric lighting system.

As listed on eBay;


This project is virtually complete with the non present parts either on order or easily available.  Most parts are original, some are repop, some could be either. There are new repop gas tanks AND the original tanks as well, one with original paint and fittings. The full electrics package is included with Remy Mag-dyno (worth $3k alone), headlight, rear light, horn, and Weston ammeter.

Work done.  The wheels have been built up (loosely), the hubs and bearings sorted, and NOS tyres fitted.  The rear brake drum skimmed and new brake shoes fitted.  All the hardware for the rolling chassis is in place.  Seat bar and post fitted. Forks assembled, handlebars complete with new spirals, internals, cables. Correct footboards, mounts, etc fitted.

Parts needed. Battery box (on order) electric switch cover, rear stand catch, a brake linkage, drive chains, some fasteners.

Work needed. Wheels will need to be un-built for paint, plating or patina work. Motor and trans need going through. Bottom end of motor has been done preciously and feels very good.

Extra parts included. Spare clutch, carb, manifold, gas tanks, floorboard mounts, several ‘wrong year’ parts. Loads of fasteners, rubber parts.

Also included is a correct year sidecar project.  The tub is rusted through but a great pattern.  Frame, springs, hub, stub cones, rim, fender, new matching white Tyre.

There will be some parts I have missed but please ask. This is a great project with high potential value.  I have only seen one other 1916 Electric, that was in the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, but the lighting had been stripped and gas lights fitted!

Any inspection welcome and help given if required.  The bike is fully UK registered.

Bikes for sale – BOTH SOLD


The 1916J and the Hippy Indian Chief are both up for sale now.

Hopefully they will free up some space for something from the EJ Cole Collection being auctioned in March.  It is also the day of the Pioneer Run in the UK so something will have to give!

The 348 Chief is a complete running machine, registered in the UK and with some good miles under its belt.

The J has nearly all the parts in place to start a build.  It takes up so much space with all the extras and the side-car but it is a great chance to get stuck into a straight forward restoration. It is also UK registered.

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Dirt traps

It takes ages to find these parts and then sometimes they aren’t correct.  That’s part of the problem when you find parts separately.

I think one of these is an AK72A for 1909-14 and the other is probably a DK68 for 1915 only.

They fit under the gas tank to the BK419 gas pipe.  I could adapt the wrong one but as soon as I do I’ll probably find another one. They might even be variants of the same part!

photo7 photo8 photo10 photo11

Solar and Hine-Watt Lighting

The Solar headlights were very popular with teens Harley, Indian, Excelsior, etc. riders of the day and there were many variants.

The Hine – Watt Carbide cannisters were fare less common and are quite rare nowadays. This model B fits to the frame front down tube or sometimes even the left side rear fork tube.  Most cannisters, like for example the Prestolites, are fitted horizontally across the handlebars but this H-W unit, at only 8″ high, will mount away from the bars giving a nice clean look with just the horn up top.

photo1 photo4

photo5 photo12



Front wheel spindle

The 1912 8X came in with a few issues, they just need to be worked through one by one.

The current problem I’m looking at is an off-centre running front wheel.  I checked the hub set up, even the size of the bearings, but the problem turned out to be a bent spindle.

It looks to be a new part rather than a restored original item.  Strange; could be the result of running hard into something!!! but it definitely appears to be made of the wrong material.

bent spindle 2 bent spindle 1


Like a lot of things in this world – bent in more ways than one!