1911 single 7A at Anamosa

1911 model 7A belt drive single at Anamosa museum.  It’s a great place to visit if you need specific restoration or reference information.  For this particular model they had a very good restored version and an original paint survivor.


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1913 HD Belt Drive for sale

Paul James has his 1913 belt Drive single up for sale.  You can get him via the AMCA forum. He says:

“I have a 13 belt drive for sale. Used for club runs. Rusty patina. Not bad rust. Runs. Set up for fun and to not worry about. Great machine to get out and putt around on”.

asking $32K



13 hd frnt rt 13 hd frnt vw lt 13 hd lt side rear belt whl

13 hd lt sd full 13 hd lt sd mag eng