1913 HD Belt Drive for sale

Paul James has his 1913 belt Drive single up for sale.  You can get him via the AMCA forum. He says:

“I have a 13 belt drive for sale. Used for club runs. Rusty patina. Not bad rust. Runs. Set up for fun and to not worry about. Great machine to get out and putt around on”.

asking $32K



13 hd frnt rt 13 hd frnt vw lt 13 hd lt side rear belt whl

13 hd lt sd full 13 hd lt sd mag eng

18″ wheel option

The 18″ wheels were standard on the early knuckles, then they became an option. They completely change the look of the bike. Better or worse? Maybe just different.

IMG_1976 IMG_1977   IMG_1980 IMG_0228

BSA Gold Star West Coast

This old BSA came from friend Buzz Walneck, not through his magazine, it’s one of his own bikes.  These bikes were shipped to the USA dealers direct from the factory with the high bars, larger 190mm brake, the STD gearbox instead of the RR an RRT types, and the Westerner seat. They are not that common even in the US and I have never seen one in the UK (there must be some).  This is not the Catalina scrambler.

It will need some work but I will keep its old road worn look.  Not so sure about the red paint though.


IMG_1979  IMG_1978

BK263 pattern

This is the BK263 Belt/ Fender protector. I will use it as a pattern to add to the list of parts we already make. I have never seen one advertised as an original part (not surprising really) nor have I seen one as a repop part. Lack of demand I suppose.

photo (9) photo (8a)

1912 Decal set

Great looking decal set from Rick Simpson for the year 1912. These are the water slide type as opposed to the stick-ons.  The colours are correct, the difference is just the shadow under the lights.  He’s a really easy guy to deal with and knows his stuff. I’ve included his contact details.

decals 001 decals 002

Parts help wanted

I got this message from Denny who is looking for some parts, maybe someone can help.

Hi Ian, I am searching for parts for my 1913 Harley Single belt drive. I am searching for a usable rear wheel assy and right side gas tank. I am not restoring this bike just getting it driving again, so the parts don’t have to be in real good shape just usable or repairable. My bike has no paint at all and very little nickel left and I only plan to oil it to preserve it not a full restore so new parts will not look right with the rest of the finish. may have to buy new and try to rust the new parts. Maybe someone knows a source. Thank You for the help!



1916 cam cover

Rob, who bought the 16J has really got stuck into the project.  However, he has since found out that the cam cover has been repaired on the oil pump section and he’s not confidant it will seal or work correctly. If anyone happens to have one or have any leads, please let me know or contact Rob direct.  You can get him at;

BK263 – Side Guard for rear mud guard

The Harley Davidson part number is BK263 – Side Guard for rear mud guard.

In the first instance this part was a Belt Protector; protection for the leather belt when it hit the sharp edge of the fender. These images show why they kept the part on even after the introduction of the chain drive.

photo (20)  photo (19)

More dirt trap

The dirt trip query; this is how we learn. I have a 12 and 13 in currently so by holding the parts I purchased against the original part on the 13 I can determine which is which.I now have a 1915 Dirt trap for sale, although I could make it work on a tank with just one outlet.

photo (15) photo (17)