1/4″ x 24 tpi

I picked up a pack of 1/4″ x 24 tpi nuts so managed to mount the primary cover and the front fender stays. I need some more for the rears. The primary cover came from Dewey Rice and it fitted perfectly without any adjustment needed.

1910 6A photos.

The ’10 is a running, riding bike now. She won’t get a lot of miles but she will see the road. This is a very correct bike and I will apply for a Pioneer certificate and get her on the London to Brighton run.

1911 single for sale on eBay.

This lovely little 1911 single is for sale on eBay. Belt drive and correct open magneto.


It is listed as a 1911 and an 8A which is a ’12. It is clearly an ’11 rolling chassis but there is no VIN to confirm the year of the motor. It’s a bargain if the motor is ’11 but an expensive mis-match if the motor is a ’12. (I have asked him).


He tells me that the VIN is 8432A so that IS a 1911. The 28″ wheels make it a 7C but it appears that the VIN has been polished off the cylinder base and the case. But it’s still a lovely bike.