Here are some interesting old period photos, mainly pre 1916.  If you click on them some will expand, others won’t. They may be useful for reference purposes but always interesting to look at.  If you have any others, please send them via the e-mail link on the home page.

Harley1908 Chicago Endurance runharley single

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1913 Harley - Davidson Model 9-E1914 10F

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Easton cyclein the Harley Davidson factory (2)zzzHarleyWittman_zpsvhqnckwnzzzNolan1912H-D2Nov 1912z Early Harley Davidson twin 2z Pair of sinlges with belt driveHarley and Excelsior twinsHarley Davidson delivering the mail 12 singleHarley JD3Harley twin with luggage rackHarley twin with sailor 14William S Harley and Authur Davidson c 1914zz1Harley twin  zzEarly Harley single    Early twin 3

Early Harley Davidson single  Boys on Harley twin with sidecar

Happy kid on a Harley twin Harley and Excelsior twins

Harley Davidson delivering the mail 12 single Harley JD3


Harley rider 3 1914 Harley

1914 Harley 2 Harley twin with sailor 14

In front of the drug store Ladies on a Harley 14

Sailor with his Harley 2 14 13 single with optional footboards retro fitted

Prestolite02 Single with chain drive

Sunflower gas Twin on a back road

Wisc garage with Harley twin Woman on Harley Davidson


1912 Harley twin 4  advert

$(KGrHqEOKkME1qKbRUyKBNeWNiCMOg~~_3  Bosch magneto 1912 advert


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