1913 single on eBay.com

This great little project is currently up for grabs on eBay. Most of what you need is there and what isn’t is easily available. It’s listed as a belt drive but it’s clearly chain although it does have a belt drive tank (see pic 4). It will be interesting to see what the auction reaches, the parts alone are worth over $20k.



9B trauma

Well I ride the 9B most of the year weather permitting. Not every week you understand but regularly. So with the Pioneer Run getting ever closer I thought a final shakedown run might be in order. Great riding weather, bright and dry, if only 2C in the sun.

All went well for the first five miles then the problems started. Some roadside attention got me home slowly but there was a real lack of power; 15 mph instead of near to 40. Well the following two weeks had me and Kevin going through the ignition and the carb but with no success and then this week, whilst trying to pedal start her, she seized solid, damn.

Motor out, cylinder off, cases apart; and the locking nut that holds the stud that carries the primary cover has come loose inside the cases. The marks on the piston explain the filings in the oil we drained (the old cast iron piston was replaced some years ago with an alloy one). All do-able but …….. now what’s the date of the Pioneer Run again?

9B 01.03.16 b 9B 01.03.16 c 9B 01.03.16 d 9b 01.03.16a


BK263 – Side Guard for rear mud guard

The Harley Davidson part number is BK263 – Side Guard for rear mud guard.

In the first instance this part was a Belt Protector; protection for the leather belt when it hit the sharp edge of the fender. These images show why they kept the part on even after the introduction of the chain drive.

photo (20)  photo (19)

More dirt trap

The dirt trip query; this is how we learn. I have a 12 and 13 in currently so by holding the parts I purchased against the original part on the 13 I can determine which is which.I now have a 1915 Dirt trap for sale, although I could make it work on a tank with just one outlet.

photo (15) photo (17)