1911 single for sale on eBay.

This lovely little 1911 single is for sale on eBay. Belt drive and correct open magneto.


It is listed as a 1911 and an 8A which is a ’12. It is clearly an ’11 rolling chassis but there is no VIN to confirm the year of the motor. It’s a bargain if the motor is ’11 but an expensive mis-match if the motor is a ’12. (I have asked him).


He tells me that the VIN is 8432A so that IS a 1911. The 28″ wheels make it a 7C but it appears that the VIN has been polished off the cylinder base and the case. But it’s still a lovely bike.

1911 Reproduction on Ebay

This 1911 was sold on eBay just before Christmas last year for just over $35k. Original motor and frame with the other parts being reproduction. It is not running and needs only a belt, paint and plating, plus final commissioning. It’s a lovely bike and no doubt very correct as it was built by Lonnie Islam at Competition. Bikes like this are great for reference purposes and give a true market guide to what these bikes are worth.  And maybe also a guide as to what bikes with original parts might be worth (maybe).

s-l500 (1) s-l500

1911 single 7A at Anamosa

1911 model 7A belt drive single at Anamosa museum.  It’s a great place to visit if you need specific restoration or reference information.  For this particular model they had a very good restored version and an original paint survivor.


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