BK263 Belt Guard detail

I have just finished this latest batch of belt guards.  They are a very close copy of the original item and fit perfectly to both of the original rear fenders on my ’12 and ’13.  I will post the fitment of one of these parts to an original fender.

IMG_2444 IMG_2445

BK263 pattern

This is the BK263 Belt/ Fender protector. I will use it as a pattern to add to the list of parts we already make. I have never seen one advertised as an original part (not surprising really) nor have I seen one as a repop part. Lack of demand I suppose.

photo (9) photo (8a)

BK263 – Side Guard for rear mud guard

The Harley Davidson part number is BK263 – Side Guard for rear mud guard.

In the first instance this part was a Belt Protector; protection for the leather belt when it hit the sharp edge of the fender. These images show why they kept the part on even after the introduction of the chain drive.

photo (20)  photo (19)