Back together again.

These early Buco covers are real easy to work with. All off and back together in less than an hour. The screw holes are all gone and the cover is bent but all repairable.

Forecast tomorrow is bright sun and 20C.

IMG_4005 IMG_4006 IMG_4008

Seat recovering

I just got these two seats back from Jethro Smith and he did a brilliant job as always. One was off the ’13 9B and the other I picked up at Mannheim; it will go on the ’12 8XE. He doesn’t use old leather but he did put some work into the new covers to make them look a little older. He also supplied a couple of small parts that were missing. The undercarriages of both seats were left as original.

The third seat is another that needs some work but I need to repair the frame first.


IMG_3952 IMG_3953 IMG_3954 IMG_3958