Chicano Chop

So after buying the green chopper I started looking for a motor. I found one, started to negotiate but ended up buying the complete bike. But she is cool and doesn’t deserve to be broken.

She had been in storage for some years now and was missing leads, plugs, and the twist grip. We put those parts on, a new battery, oils and gas, then she fired up after about a dozen kicks. Even the lights still work! There is no clutch control, the front brake cable has been unattached and some other small stuff.

She’s a tough bike, really strong FLH motor, belt primary and I love the S&S carb with the Goodson cover. Now I have to decide; do I rob the motor for the green bike, start changing the parts to update her and get really Mexican and keep her or get her rolling and make another quick sale. Decisions. SOLD


Another 8A for sale

This lovely little 8A (on the left) will be for sale at Veterama later this week. It is priced at €52k which is just under $60k US. The one on eBay last week (on the right) reached $45k but not the seller’s reserve!

1912-8a-1 s-l1600-1