Bikes for sale – BOTH SOLD


The 1916J and the Hippy Indian Chief are both up for sale now.

Hopefully they will free up some space for something from the EJ Cole Collection being auctioned in March.  It is also the day of the Pioneer Run in the UK so something will have to give!

The 348 Chief is a complete running machine, registered in the UK and with some good miles under its belt.

The J has nearly all the parts in place to start a build.  It takes up so much space with all the extras and the side-car but it is a great chance to get stuck into a straight forward restoration. It is also UK registered.

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September posts from the old blog

Friday, 26 September 2014

Original paint

I took the trans tower off the Chief to inspect the gearbox and ensure everything was in order, which it was, but I couldn’t stop myself from cleaning part of the inside of the chain cover. It showed the original colour as Indian Red.  I’ve done this before, again on a Chief, and after identifying the colour, repainted the complete bike to get it back to original.  If the hippy chic gets too much at least we know how she started out.

Top off the transmission and drive sprocket as well.

All back together without problem.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Thursday, 18 September 2014


There always seems to be things to do with old bikes.  It’s not because of neglect or poor quality parts, it’s just that old things tire, wear and eventually fail.  But that’s part of the hobby.  I was out riding the 9B last week and after a few miles the bike just died.  I tried everything, including going completely through the carb, more than once, but eventually worked out that it was the magneto.  I know for sure that it hasn’t needed repair in the last 20 years so that’s not too bad, but it still needs doing.
I’ve sent it to Andy and Steve; the Magneto Guys in Hailsham but they are so busy I won’t see it again before the New Year. That’s the problem with dealing with the good guys … they’re always busy.  Fortunately I have a friend in California who has one I can borrow until mine comes back.

Bosch ZE1, 45 mm shaft height, clockwise rotation.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Stewart and Corbin speedometers.

Friend Kevin has these nice early speedos for sale.

Corbin is 80 mph teens up to early 1923.  Stewart is rarer but less popular teens speedo; very hard to get parts for.

I have a friend who makes adaptors so that you can run the Stewart speedos with a Corbin cable; good idea.

Number plate.

Well I at last got round to sorting out the number plate on the 9B.It was a nasty stamped alloy type, not very teens.

But now it is a more period looking hand painted item.  Maybe I should mount it (very) slightly lower.

Twin carb knuckle for sale.

Kiyo, formerly of the Garage Company is selling a 1942 knuckle basket case.  Not really much different BUT it comes with a twin carb motor.

Nice start for a bike but its expensive at $27,000.

Its also on consignment from a customer so he doesn’t know the history of the motor.

Hi Ian,

This motor is consignment. ( include all other parts )
The owner said it was running long time ago.
I can see a lots of carbon on the piston but I don’t know how many miles on it.
It is cranking but I can’t see inside condition.

Thank you, Kiyo

Hippy Indian Chief start up.

Well she is mostly finished now.New wiring loom, sealed beam, some bulbs, seat post springs and bushing.  Gas and ignition spirals swapped over, left hand shifter fitted, plus a load of small bits, missing fastenings, etc.  She’s come out really well, I just need to put some miles on her now and check out the ride.
You can also see me getting a belt off the rear plug in my attempt to show that the motor was cold!

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Corbin speedometer for sale

Corbin Brown speedo for sale.  Fits 1930 – 34 Harley VL and some others.
Complete unit including head, cable  drive ring and bracket/clamp to fit on tank. All you can see. It works well and has a lovely finish.
The photos show the unit set up on the bench and operating at various speeds.
$1500 all in.