1915 11J Electric model for sale

My friend Ulf has his 1915 11J for sale. It is a three speed, twin cylinder model with the full electrical package and some lovely accessories. It still has the lighting, horn, tank-top tool box and rear rack after all these years. These are rare machines, being the first year with the three speed transmission and the first year with the eclectic package.

He is looking for about $55k.

You can contact Ulf at: ulfhd@gmx.net

IMG_0236 IMG_0240 IMG_0246 IMG_0247

Front Fender Valance comparison.

Here are some close ups of the fender valances.  I hope they show the quality and accuracy of the work.  They take a long time to make but it is best to get them correct.

The OTHER valances were bought from a ‘specialist’ in teens machines but after buying a pair for my own restoration I decided they were not good enough. You should consider the rib (groove), its definition and position, the distance between the rib and the edge of the fender, and the way the rib ends as well as the overall appearance of the parts.


IMG_2459 IMG_2455 IMG_2454 IMG_2453

More dirt trap

The dirt trip query; this is how we learn. I have a 12 and 13 in currently so by holding the parts I purchased against the original part on the 13 I can determine which is which.I now have a 1915 Dirt trap for sale, although I could make it work on a tank with just one outlet.

photo (15) photo (17)

Dirt traps

It takes ages to find these parts and then sometimes they aren’t correct.  That’s part of the problem when you find parts separately.

I think one of these is an AK72A for 1909-14 and the other is probably a DK68 for 1915 only.

They fit under the gas tank to the BK419 gas pipe.  I could adapt the wrong one but as soon as I do I’ll probably find another one. They might even be variants of the same part!

photo7 photo8 photo10 photo11