Transmission work

So the 39 is the bike I sold to Tim.  It was /is based around a 39 motor that came in the old Love bike.  Well that was taken apart as soon as it landed and the motor went into a Japanese style chopper with a Bullneck frame and matching offset forks.  It also ‘featured’ a flamed tank and up-swept pipes, very tasteful (!)

Now, some years later it is back with me, in a slightly different guise and about to change again.  I have a correct 39 frame, in-line forks (41 but close enough) and just needs a 39 transmission as the current one is 46/47.

IMG_2696 IMG_2692


Well the 39 trans turned up today and I’m afraid it will need a little work before launch time. All easy enough to sort but all extra and all unexpected.  Or is it these days?

030 029

1936 Transmission

1936 transmission for sale with later top and kicker cover.  Two small repairs, looks to have very fresh parts inside but no speedo worm drive is installed. SOLD

048 049 050 051 052 053 054 055 056 057 058 059 060 061 062 063 064 065 066 067 068 069 070 071 072 073 074