9B maintenance

Loose play around the head-stock from all the off-roading I’ve been doing! Bars off and it’s obviously been a while since these bearings have seen some grease. But the problem is in part the worn/broken head cone. And I have another on the shelf which has gone the same way.

1913 single on eBay.com

This great little project is currently up for grabs on eBay. Most of what you need is there and what isn’t is easily available. It’s listed as a belt drive but it’s clearly chain although it does have a belt drive tank (see pic 4). It will be interesting to see what the auction reaches, the parts alone are worth over $20k.



1913 at Brighton

I didn’t post any news on the London Brighton Pioneer Run after all the efforts I went through to get the bike ready in time; I just forgot. The only reason it’s come to mind is that I was browsing the web today and saw a review of the Run and a photo of my bike.


She ran great and had no problems other than the mirror worked itself loose so I removed it at the Handcross stop. I know the City of London University broadcasters also took some film and that will be posted somewhere, maybe. It was another great day out.

You can see the seat off the restored 1910 which was pressed into service after the original failed. Jethro Smith has since done a great repair on the original (see earlier post).

The second photo of the bike in action came from the site:



1913 at Brighton pioneer-2016

Seat recovering

I just got these two seats back from Jethro Smith and he did a brilliant job as always. One was off the ’13 9B and the other I picked up at Mannheim; it will go on the ’12 8XE. He doesn’t use old leather but he did put some work into the new covers to make them look a little older. He also supplied a couple of small parts that were missing. The undercarriages of both seats were left as original.

The third seat is another that needs some work but I need to repair the frame first.



IMG_3952 IMG_3953 IMG_3954 IMG_3958

9B trauma

Well I ride the 9B most of the year weather permitting. Not every week you understand but regularly. So with the Pioneer Run getting ever closer I thought a final shakedown run might be in order. Great riding weather, bright and dry, if only 2C in the sun.

All went well for the first five miles then the problems started. Some roadside attention got me home slowly but there was a real lack of power; 15 mph instead of near to 40. Well the following two weeks had me and Kevin going through the ignition and the carb but with no success and then this week, whilst trying to pedal start her, she seized solid, damn.

Motor out, cylinder off, cases apart; and the locking nut that holds the stud that carries the primary cover has come loose inside the cases. The marks on the piston explain the filings in the oil we drained (the old cast iron piston was replaced some years ago with an alloy one). All do-able but …….. now what’s the date of the Pioneer Run again?

9B 01.03.16 b 9B 01.03.16 c 9B 01.03.16 d 9b 01.03.16a


Early 1913 belt motor

Gordon sent me some pictures of his 1913 single motor.  Its VIN 154C means it’s a really early example, magneto ignition and with belt drive (C). Apparently it came from a farm in Canada and was used as a static power plant for agricultural equipment. Real history.

It’s a great start to a build or even just an interesting display piece.

20160219_182135 20160221_161443

Front Fender Valance comparison.

Here are some close ups of the fender valances.  I hope they show the quality and accuracy of the work.  They take a long time to make but it is best to get them correct.

The OTHER valances were bought from a ‘specialist’ in teens machines but after buying a pair for my own restoration I decided they were not good enough. You should consider the rib (groove), its definition and position, the distance between the rib and the edge of the fender, and the way the rib ends as well as the overall appearance of the parts.


IMG_2459 IMG_2455 IMG_2454 IMG_2453

1913 HD Belt Drive for sale

Paul James has his 1913 belt Drive single up for sale.  You can get him via the AMCA forum. He says:

“I have a 13 belt drive for sale. Used for club runs. Rusty patina. Not bad rust. Runs. Set up for fun and to not worry about. Great machine to get out and putt around on”.

asking $32K



13 hd frnt rt 13 hd frnt vw lt 13 hd lt side rear belt whl

13 hd lt sd full 13 hd lt sd mag eng

Parts help wanted

I got this message from Denny who is looking for some parts, maybe someone can help.

Hi Ian, I am searching for parts for my 1913 Harley Single belt drive. I am searching for a usable rear wheel assy and right side gas tank. I am not restoring this bike just getting it driving again, so the parts don’t have to be in real good shape just usable or repairable. My bike has no paint at all and very little nickel left and I only plan to oil it to preserve it not a full restore so new parts will not look right with the rest of the finish. may have to buy new and try to rust the new parts. Maybe someone knows a source. Thank You for the help!



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