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I’ve not been riding for the last couple of months due to foot surgery, so now the cast is off I can get out again.  I took the chopper out for a blast; great to be rolling again, especially now we’ve got some decent weather.  Period chopper with 1956 frame and motor with all the right parts.

The up-side of not riding though is that I’ve almost finished the next batch of fender valances and belt guards.  I’ll list them for sale when they’re done.

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1911 single 7A at Anamosa

1911 model 7A belt drive single at Anamosa museum.  It’s a great place to visit if you need specific restoration or reference information.  For this particular model they had a very good restored version and an original paint survivor.


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1912 Harley X8E at Anamosa Museum

A few months ago I rode from the East to the West Coast again, making another visit to the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, IA. They have a great selection of early machines, many in original paint and great for taking photos for restoration purposes.

Here are some snaps of the 1912 X8E. It was a great year in Harley’s development; the year of the first ‘big twin’, the sloping rear frame, first year for chain drive and the Freewheel clutch is a real bonus.  Still with the super slim looks of the early bikes before the first ‘widening’ in 1913, and others later.

I rate this as their best ever model, followed by the 1914 two speed and then the Knucklehead.

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Remy 250 wanted

Nils from Norway has a running 1916 J but is using a Bosch ZEV magneto instead of the original Remy mag-dyno.  He wants to convert back to original so if anyone knows of a unit; working or not, please get in contact.  He will do a trade with his ZEV. Thanks.

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1913 HD Belt Drive for sale

Paul James has his 1913 belt Drive single up for sale.  You can get him via the AMCA forum. He says:

“I have a 13 belt drive for sale. Used for club runs. Rusty patina. Not bad rust. Runs. Set up for fun and to not worry about. Great machine to get out and putt around on”.

asking $32K


13 hd frnt rt 13 hd frnt vw lt 13 hd lt side rear belt whl

13 hd lt sd full 13 hd lt sd mag eng

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