1914 10E build

This bike came in as a fairly complete ‘basket case’ or ‘project’ depending on your terminology. It is the very desirable two speed variant of the 1914 twin cylinder model.

It was a complete bike and the previous owner has done some work in terms of sourcing the small parts that were missing. The ‘big’ job is going to be the two speed hub. It is largely complete but there are parts missing, others in need of repair and then the issue of putting it all together so that it works because as always, these bikes get ridden. I will need some help in terms of identifying what IS missing and also making the parts needed.


The start point is to lay the parts out, loose assemble them either on the frame or on the bench and determine what parts are missing and or need repair. The frame is complete (!) and correct so next will be to inspect the forks, fit the rear stand and look at the seat post; they never want to come out!

The forks look good; there are the usual broken springs and the fork plunger studs are always broken on these forks. The rockers are complete but I haven’t checked the bushes yet. I have a spare set of front and rear fork legs for comparison.

1914 two speed

Whilst waiting for some machine work help on the 8XE I have decided to start looking at the two speed but only as a fill-in. The real work won’t start until the 12 is finished (or approaching finish).

This is a nice original two speed hub but has several parts missing and will need some remedial work. It already has a replacement throw out plate and clamping ring and will need a new set of clutch discs.

The brake drum has had some wear over the years and the mounting tabs need attention. The drum itself is badly worn and the surface pitted. It could be skimmed but is already very thin. Metal spraying could be the solution but the tabs will still need work. Perhaps a replacement part would be better.

1914 Two Speed Twin

This is the next project. It might have to sit on the shelf (literally) for a while but you have to buy these things when they turn up, not wait until you need one (need?).

This was always my ‘holy grail’ model. I came close to a couple but could never close a deal. With two gears and a neutral, foot-boards and a proper rear brake it might make a good regular rider. They are a bulkier bike than the pre ’13s and lack some of the charm of the earlier models but they are a lot easier to ride.


Dirt traps

It takes ages to find these parts and then sometimes they aren’t correct.  That’s part of the problem when you find parts separately.

I think one of these is an AK72A for 1909-14 and the other is probably a DK68 for 1915 only.

They fit under the gas tank to the BK419 gas pipe.  I could adapt the wrong one but as soon as I do I’ll probably find another one. They might even be variants of the same part!

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