Early 1913 belt motor

Gordon sent me some pictures of his 1913 single motor.  Its VIN 154C means it’s a really early example, magneto ignition and with belt drive (C). Apparently it came from a farm in Canada and was used as a static power plant for agricultural equipment. Real history.

It’s a great start to a build or even just an interesting display piece.

20160219_182135 20160221_161443

Greasy Kulture

Guy from Greasy Kulture magazine came over again this week, it’s always good to catch up with him and hear about what’s going on. GKM is the only magazine that I’ve ever bought and kept on buying. I have every copy and still like flicking through the old editions. If you like the forties to sixties / chopper culture it’s well worth a look.


Guy came to shoot a couple of bikes for a future edition and he does take a great picture.


1915 11J Electric model for sale

My friend Ulf has his 1915 11J for sale. It is a three speed, twin cylinder model with the full electrical package and some lovely accessories. It still has the lighting, horn, tank-top tool box and rear rack after all these years. These are rare machines, being the first year with the three speed transmission and the first year with the eclectic package.

He is looking for about $55k.

You can contact Ulf at: ulfhd@gmx.net

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