Start your own build

There is a nice little 1912 single motor for sale on eBay currently at just $8k. All the other parts you would need to finish the bike are available as reproduction parts and in time you could find several original parts to add to the bikes credibility.


1912a 1912b

There is also a 1912 single cylinder complete bike listed on eBay. It has been for sale for a long time now but I guess the sellers reserve price has never been reached. It’s up to over $40k already, so the single motor, complete with carb and magneto looks like good value.



Last week was Davenport again. We flew over, went to the HD Museum and Anamosa again on the way to the event. I found a pair of 1912 bars and a same period front wheel. A few hard to find small pieces as well but the best part was meeting up with all the guys who make the difficult parts.

There was a OK ish 12 single and reasonably priced at $47.5k and a few of the Cannonball bikes that were setting off after the show. The dirt track racing in the evening was better than my photographs!

img_4805 img_4818